The American Dream, which is guaranteed to become a football nightmare when the Giants and Jets are at home, is now also a parking nightmare too as they are going to charge you to park while you shop. If that doesn't drive you to shop online...

If you're going to make the trip to the new mall which opens Oct. 25, go this weekend when parking is free. Decide if the stores and events are worth coming back for. If so, according to Dan Alexander's post about the parking situation, be prepared to pay 3 dollars for up to three hours, $4 up to 4:59 hours, $5 up to 6:59 hours, $6 up to 7:59 hours, $6 up to 7:59 hours, anything over 8 hours is considered all-day parking and will cost you $24. The good news, the first thirty minutes is free. That's probably how long it will take to get you from your car to the mall.

It gets worse when there are events going on at MetLife Stadium those rates will kick in. Valet parking will cost $10. Why would anyone pay money to park at a mall for the opportunity to spend money at the mall? Whatever bargains you may find inside if indeed there are any become moot when you factoring in the parking outside.

Some malls charge you to park closer. As bad as I think that is, at least it's a choice. But the idea of paying to park at a mall is no American Dream of mine. The dream becomes a nightmare if other malls start doing it as well. If that happens, I hope they all suffer the nightmare of having their patrons stay home and shop online. I know I will.

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