Lately, the internet has become flooded with videos of people doing amazing singing impersonations of actors, actresses, and cartoon characters. The most recent video of this kind reminds us that we can't believe everything we see or hear on the internet.

Singer Rob Cantor put together a video where he appeared to do 29 different celebrity impersonations to the song 'Perfect.' His impressions featured celebrities like Jack Black, Ray Romano and cartoon characters like Peter Griffin. He even did some out of the box impersonations of Flipper the dolphin and Shakira and Britney Spears. People were shocked that Cantor's female impersonations were so spot on. You can view the fake video below.

After the video went viral, Cantor admitted that the entire production was fake. He did not provide the voices for any of the characters, except when he was singing as himself. Cantor then made another video showing how he used other impersonator's voices to make it look like he was singing the entire time. The clip below shows the making of the impersonation video.

Some applauded Rob Cantor for his video, some were angry that they were fooled. But in all, it served as an important reminder that you can't always believe what you see online.