Melvin Brown was doing what a 19 year old likes to do. Have fun. He's a resident of Bordentown and a student at Rowan. He's also a viral sensation. But he's looking for an unknown woman who videobombed him.

You see it started in a ShopRite parking lot on Route 206. He was dancing next to his ride to "Valid like Salad" while being recorded by his sister. It was for Snapchat. When he was done and started getting in the car he hears his sister screaming and the video shows why. A mystery woman parked nearby had been watching him and joined in, bustin' moves next to her own car. They thought it was so funny they put the video on Twitter and it's been retweeted over 83,000 times and received over 137,000 likes.

So this woman is a viral sensation and she may not even know it! Melvin wants to find her. "I regret not talking to her," he told "I hope I can find her."

I hope so too. So come on New Jersey. Anyone have any leads? Melvin might just have a lifelong friend and dance partner in this cool lady.

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