As the Democrats try to wrestle control of the House and Senate from Republicans to further their anti-Trump agenda, they've hit a bit of a snag. Right here in New Jersey.

That's right, Senator Bob Menendez is in the race of his life. Despite his corruption trial ending in a mistrial and the federal prosecutors declining to pursue the case, the U.S. Senate formally admonished their colleague. Combine the image of a corrupt Senator doing the bidding for his wealthy (and now convicted felon) friend with a multi-millionaire former United States Marine challenger and you've got a competitive race. Even in Blue-Jersey where Democrats have a huge advantage among registered voters.

Republican Bob Hugin joined me on Tuesday to discuss the race and his specific plan to help New Jersey taxpayers and first responders.

Hugin was on my show in June and we discussed his primary win and the weakness of the incumbents campaign that was exposed in the Democratic primary.

There are other candidates also running for the seat including Tricia Flanagan who joined me a few weeks ago to discuss her long shot bid and Professor Murray Sabrin who teaches at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Sabrin is a smart man when it comes to economics and he has a serious message on the dangers of debt and taxes.

He is running to win for sure, but I did pose the question of how his candidacy could provide a margin of victory for Senator Menendez.

Either way, the race is going to be hard fought and it is seeming more and more possible that Bob Menendez may be coming home in January.

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