The entrenched incumbent marred by accusations of corruption and bribery, fresh off a mistrial and an official admonishment by his US Senate colleagues ,could be in trouble this November. He's facing a well funded opponent in GOP nominee Bob Hugin and a lesser known, but fiery independent candidate Tricia Flanagan.

Tricia joined me on Tuesday to talk about how the GOP got her Irish up when she felt pushed aside for the more established and well funded Hugin. She took the hits and decided to run as an independent candidate supporting President Trump's tax cutting agenda. She's got energy, enthusiasm and confidence that even though an independent candidate is a long shot, she's believes that her talent and ideas bring something more to the table for New Jerseyans than her opponents.

Despite a recent poll showing the race within only two points between the major party contenders, Tricia feels that the number of New Jersey voters who feel left behind by leaders in both the Democratic and Republican Parties combined with a likely low turnout, she could emerge victorious.

We've had Hugin on the show and will have both Hugin and Flanagan back so you can get to know them better. And although the invitation has been made several times to Senator far nothin', but crickets.

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