The American Kennel Club recently released it's list of America's most popular dogs.

Spanky and "Sweet Pea"
Amy Wright photo
Spanky and "Sweet Pea"
Amy Wright photo

First of all, I hope you fared well with the big snow.  I'll bet if we picked the most popular canine for this weekend it would be the Husky.

The following are the A.K.C.'s top 10, counting up from number 10 to number 1.

10. Dachshund  Personally, this breed is near and dear to my heart.  Our Spanky and Sweet Pea were like our children.  The "Doxie" is a lively and affectionate breed.  They are known to be bold, mischievous, and devoted to their families.

9. Rottweiler  Moving up from 10th place last year, the Rottweiler is a large powerful pooch with a loving and affectionate personality.

8. Poodle  Poodles are highly intelligent and graceful.  They are have a happy disposition and are considered one of the most trainable breeds.

7. Boxer The Boxer is a strong muscular dog, yet gentle and playful.

6. Yorkshire Terrier  "Yorkies" are energetic, loyal, and clever.  They are easy to train and are excellent watchdogs.

5. Bulldog  A Bulldog's face may be a bit intimidating, but it's among the gentlest of all breeds.  They are affectionate and are great with kids.

4. Beagle This hound with it's droopy ears has lots of energy and is generally very loyal.  They are terrific family pets and love kids.

3. Golden Retriever  They are beautiful breeds with their wavy blond hair.  It seems like Golden Retrievers always have a smile on their face.  They are family friendly, highly intelligent, and can learn over 200 commands!

2. German Shepherd  The German Shepherd are known for their fierce loyalty.  Shepherds are cheerful, obedient, and highly intelligent.  No wonder this breed is often used for police work, guiding the blind, and military duties.\

1. Labrador Retriever  For the 22nd straight year the "Lab" comes in at number one.  The most popular breed in the U.S. thrives on interaction with it's families.  They are very patient with children, and adore kids.  Labs have a laid back nature, and are very trainable.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog here's a wonderful option. Seriously consider a "rescue" dog from one of the many shelters here in New Jersey.  A rescue will give you all the unconditional love that you'll get from a pure bred adopted from a retail store or breeder.

All they ask for is a few hugs and kisses and some food and water.

They'll pay you back a thousand times over.

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