Gov. Chris Christie, addresses the Sunshine Summit in Orlando (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Gov. Chris Christie had harsh words for ISIS and President Obama alike Saturday at the Sunshine Summit in Florida, connecting the terrorist attacks in Paris to 9/11, and saying he's a tested leader who'll bring experience dealing with crises to the White House.

Speaking in Orlando, Christie said that given the attacks in Paris that killed 129 and injured 252, a more formal speech would be appropriate than his usual routine of walking around the stage, telling jokes and "having a good time."

After recounting his 9/11 personal story, saying he didn't know the whereabouts of wife Mary Pat for several hours and that he started thinking about life as a single parent raising three children, he began attacks on President Barack  Obama — promising not to pick-and-choose which laws he will "faithfully execute" after taking the oath of office and saying he would put the "safety, security and freedom" of Americans first.

He criticized Obama for saying the Middle East is safer than it has been, for underestimating Islamic State and for saying that that ISIS was "contained" during a Good Morning America interview.

"He sees the world as he likes to see it, as fantasy," Christie said. "I see the world as it really is and it's time to have a president who sees the world as it really is, not how he wishes it would be."

Christie said he's the experienced leader he believes America wants as its next president.

"Please go home tonight and turn on your television, and watch the news. The world is desperate for a strong, secure, smart and tested American president. America need to assert itself again on the world stage," he said.