The spire of One World Trade Center was lit Friday night in Frances colors, in honor of the 100-plus people killed in the evening's Paris attacks.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the spire would be illuminated Friday night and for several days.

“Today’s horrific attacks in Paris have moved us all, and the more we learn, the more our hearts ache,” Cuomo said in a statement from his office. “These were cowardly acts of evil by people who have inexplicably chosen to believe in radical hatred above all else."

He continued: "We reject that kind of extremism – choosing instead the bonds of liberty, equality and fraternity that bring us together. Today, and in the days ahead, New York will light One World Trade Center in blue, white and red as we stand in solemn solidarity with the people of France, just as they have done for us in our own times of tragedy. We join them in mourning those who were killed, and in praying for those who were injured or lost loved ones. And we continue to stand side by side with them in our commitment to a free and peaceful world.”


Images circulated on social media Friday suggesting the Empire State Building was lit in the same blue, white and red, but that wasn't accurate — most appeared to be from Jan. 11, when the Empire State Building displayed the French colors to honor the victims of an attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine office.