HOWELL — An 18-year-old township resident and his alleged 16-year-old accomplice have been charged with kidnapping a man after they didn't get the drugs they paid for.

But the man they kidnapped wasn't their drug dealer — and he had no idea who the dealer was, police said.

Turns out, not only did the drug dealer scam the teens out of their money, but he duped them with a wrong address, police said.

Their misfortune continued when they were later pulled over in a traffic stop by a cop who had no idea about the kidnapping moments earlier.

Now all three are facing serious criminal charges.

Police say Moamen Abdelmeguid and the 16-year-old went to the the Windmill Club development about 6:30 p.m. on Thursday to buy the drugs from Joseph Arnold, 19.

Arnold took the money and fled without the handing over any drugs, police said.

Abdelmeguid and the teen decided to go search for Arnold, going to the address he had provided, police said.

At the house, they allegedly grabbed the victim in a chokehold and forced him into the back seat of their car to go search for Arnold.

"They then threatened to shoot the suspect if he didn’t turn Arnold over to them," police said Friday in a statement. "The victim insisted he did not know Arnold but the suspects drove the victim around the neighborhood for about five minutes, looking for Arnold."

After the drive, they searched the victim's home before leaving, police said.

Abdelmeguid and the teen were arrested after they were pulled over for "suspicious activity." The officer took them in after finding drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, police said.

The two were identified as the suspects in the kidnapping after the victim arrived at police headquarters.

Police also tracked down Arnold and charged him with theft and conspiracy to distribute drugs.

Police did not identify the 16-year-old because he is a minor.

Phone numbers could not be located for Abdelmeguid or Arnold.

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