LAKEWOOD — A caretaker at the home where a toddler crawled away and into the street said the whole incident was an accident.

A woman who spoke to an Asbury Park Press reporter said nothing further about Saturday's incident, in which Cory Cannon of Eatontown photographed the baby boy in the street from his work truck before coming to the toddler's aide.

Cannon told CBS New York another car blocked traffic in the opposite direction while he approached the boy.

As Cannon approached the child, a neighbor took him away to his home, according to Lakewood police. Cannon told the news outlet he called out to a family in their front yard who said the child was not theirs. He walked to a second house where a toddler answered the door. An adult came to the door and took the child.

An initial investigation by Lakewood police said an older sibling may have not closed the door properly, allowing the toddler to get outside.

Ocean County Prosecutor's Office spokesman Al Della Fave said the incident is being investigated by the Division of Child Protection. A spokesman for the office said confidentiality laws surrounding child welfare prohibit him from confirming an investigation but said that his office does not file charges in such cases.

Lakewood police have not yet returned a message on Tuesday seeking an update on the case.

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