It’s not that it was easy for Six Brothers Diner in Little Falls, anyway. An ongoing construction project had been making it difficult for patrons to get there and to come through the main entrance.

And according to an article on, the NJ DOT did everything it could to make it easier during the Clove Road Bridge deck’s construction, even building a pedestrian walkway. And as a local favorite, the Six Brothers Diner was getting by. But COVID-19 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The article went on to quote the Facebook goodbye message: “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the permanent closing of Six Brothers Diner after over twenty years of proud service to our community,” the message said. "We will be forever grateful to our customers for their support and allowing us to be a part of so many special memories."

That’s the thing about business. You go through ups and downs and there are always things that get in your way. The good years, the lean years, the accounts that drop off, the mistakes from the vendors, and the storms that you have to learn to weather in order to become a successful business. But COVID-19 is the one thing that became the nail in the coffin for many New Jersey businesses.

Owner George Stylianou said “COVID-19 was the final punch.” Expect to hear that more and more in the coming days, months and years of the aftermath of the COVID-19 shut down.

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