Our friend Chris Markowski, known as the “Watchdog on Wall Street,” joined me on Friday’s show to talk about the disaster of a partial opening for small business.

Restaurants are already struggling and most will be faced with significant financial losses if they are only allowed to partially open. Chris had advice for those folks who are still out of work and the restaurants who need to open soon or face devastation.

New Jersey is going through what I’ve described as a “fake opening,” partial retail, masks, partitions, social distance, all based on the governor claiming that he has to be convinced that the "numbers" show him that we’re still headed in the right direction. Looking at the incredible success of the openings in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland … just to name a few … it is outrageous that NJ residents are being forced to continue suffering.

The original intent of social distance and staying at home was all about making sure that people sick with COVID-19 did not overwhelm our medical system. Well that clearly did not happen. Many hospital beds were left empty, doctors and nurses were furloughed, and ventilators were left in storage. Credible medical experts around the world, including those at the World Health Organization, have warned about public mask wearing, especially cloth masks. They present a potential danger to the wearer and there is little evidence that supports mask wearing as a preventive measure for stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Facts are certainly stubborn things, to paraphrase former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, but those facts have not stopped Murphy from continuing the shutdown, lying about the health benefits of his actions and ignoring the reckless and deadly orders to force COVID-19 patients into NJ nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. The good news is we have examples of people interacting again, restaurants and bars opening and people not getting sick. This, plus the fact that the hypocritical governor is encouraging protesters to gather by the thousands, while threatening you with arrest and fines if you dare to try to feed your family by reopening your business.

We can argue about the efficacy of the shutdown. We’ll have a chance during the likely second wave amid the coming flu season. But there is no argument that the pandemic is nearly over, the curve is flat and it’s time for New Jersey to catch up with the rest of the country and world and reopen everything. Immediately if not sooner.

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