‍🔴 Zeus was left in a Cranford park without food or water

‍🔴 A note on his collar said he needs a home

‍🔴 A microchip was found in Zeus

CRANFORD – A dog with a note attached to his collar was found tied to a pole in a park around sunrise Thursday morning.

Cranford police said the dog, a pit-mix, was abandoned on the Lexington Avenue side of Unami Park. The handwritten note said the dog's name is Zeus, he is not rabid, doesn’t bite, and needs a home.

Capt. Matthew Zarraro told New Jersey 101.5 that Zeus was left in the cold with no food or water.

Officers were able to locate a microchip and are trying to find his owner.

Note left on Zeus' collar in a Cranford park
Note left on Zeus' collar in a Cranford park (Cranford police)

Legal penalties Zeus' owner

Zeus was taken to Animal Control Solutions, the company used by the township for animal control. A shelter spokesperson told ABC 7 Eyewitness News Zeus was healthy and warming up to the staff.

New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said temperatures in Cranford early Thursday morning were in the 20s.

Under New Jersey's Anti-Cruelty Law, abandoning a domesticated animal is a disorderly persons offense. Violators face up to a $1,000 penalty. It is also unlawful to expose a pet to harsh weather conditions (under 32 degrees) for more than 30 minutes below.

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