My head almost exploded when I read the story of the University College London apology on twitter after they tweeted something that may have offended some people. Get ready, it's pretty rough stuff. The tweet that resulted in an apology asked a simple question: "Dreaming of a white campus?"

Are you offended? Thinking that this is something out of a White Supremacist handbook? Well, not exactly. They were referring to snow. That's right, the white stuff. The thing that so many people actually do wish for on Christmas morning. Fluffy, white, peaceful snow. Not caucasians. But in today's insane and irrational society fueled by #FakeOutrage on social media, the school thought it best to apologize. The funny thing about the apology is that they included a youtube link to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas."

Isn't it time to get over the sensitivities and outrage over nonsense? Should we be offended by the age old warning to kids not to eat yellow snow? Is that somehow racist as well? A caller raised the question — What about Black Friday? It's gotten out-of-control.

Too many people blame the millennial generation of "snowflakes." I'm here to defend the millennials. It's not them. It's everyone older. The millennials on campus looking for a 'safe space' are acting out as any immature kid may act out at home. We've raised a generation thinking that they have a right not to be offended. Thinking that they have a right to object publicly to every single thing that happens that may make them uncomfortable.

This is beyond snow and the color "white" being considered inherently racist. We're seeing a tidal wave of accusations destroying reputations without solid evidence just because someone is making an accusation. The #MeToo movement on social media is a great example of a misguided attempt at empowering victims. The problem is when everything is labeled "assault," then nothing is. The sad truth is that women who fall victim to crimes get lost in the shuffle of women who are just crying foul or trying to make a headline. There seems to be a premise among the #MeToo advocates that men are generally predators and any positive comment about a woman's appearance could be construed as harassment. Of course, not all women agree, but the public voices are few and far between.

Beyond the current harassment outrage is the attack on bullying. The very idea that New Jersey has bullying coordinators in our schools flies in the face of kids learning to defend themselves and fight back. Obviously there are limits, but hopefully you get the point.

It's the so-called adults who are supposed to be leading and teaching the next generation to learn from their mistakes, toughen up when faced with adversity and know the difference between an insult, inappropriate comment and a crime. But because of the weak generation that came before the millennials, who have effectively let the kids be in charge, in many cases, they simply don't know any better.

The parents of the "snowflakes" failed at so many levels. Yes, it's partially your fault. You raised a generation of wimps who are ill prepared to take on the challenges of real life. And when life gets difficult as it always does, you have left your kids with no skills to fight back. So naturally they want you to protect them from adversity.

Want to lose the formality of "Mr & Mrs?" Sure, we're all friends here. Don't want to believe in God or go to church? No worries, you'll make your own decisions as you get through puberty. Don't want to work hard? Don't think it's fair that you didn't have the exact same opportunity as your neighbor, friend, coworker? No problem, government can fix that. Expanded family leave, minimum wage, free health care, need time off the field because you're sore? Sure thing, and if the coach makes you feel bad, we'll just fire him.

Look at the debate over "Net Neutrality." Most have no idea what it is or why they want to keep it. Young people tend to be in favor of it. Why? Because they don't understand the concept that nothing is free. They think that the generation ahead of them will continue to work hard and make life easy for them. The internet cost money to maintain. Someone is putting up the cost for you to surf the web and tweet. Thankfully the FCC got rid of the burdensome rules on Thursday despite the outcry. The simple reason for the opposition? People are afraid if the government doesn't control the internet and pricing, they will have to pay more.

It's so far gone that it's nearly impossible to explain to someone who really does believe the world owes them a living, why they only deserve what they can earn for themselves. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule and I'm fine with paying taxes to help the destitute for sure. But in a strong and free America, that would be the exception. Today, the exception is the hard working, tough and sensible person who goes out to earn what they can on their own merit. The ignorance of American history and the human struggle to establish civilization is so prevalent that we have completely lost our way. Don't get me started on the ignorance surrounding the anti-Columbus rhetoric or the battle to remove President Andrew Jackson from the twenty dollar bill.

Back to snow. Are we really surprised that in a world of takers and people who think the world should be easy we have complaints about "white campus" even with the hashtag #snowday in the same post?

Are we really surprised that in a world of people who can't cope with adversity and pain that we have an opioid overdose epidemic?

Are we really surprised that in conversation today, if you disagree with "group think," you're likely to be labeled a racist, bigot, sexist or worse?

Typically when I write posts or go on a rant on the air, many more people agree than disagree with the fact that we're losing our reason and common sense. The challenge is that our current state of affairs, those same people are silent when it comes to their school, workplace and families.

The ignorant takers are winning when a school has to apologize for snow being white. The ignorant takers are winning when a town in New Jersey takes down all religious symbols at Christmastime. The ignorant takers are winning when the rest of us don't push back. It's time to fight back. Call out stupidity and ignorance when you hear it. Defend those being persecuted by the media without evidence. Defend the right of people to express a different opinion without being attacked and labeled.

Stop suffering the fools. Do something about it.

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