Route 9 was closed earlier today in Manalapan after power lines came down on the road. Who brought down the lines? According to the Howell Patch, police suspect it was an errant squirrel. There were also power outages reported in the area as a result.

The culprit is believed to be a mischievous squirrel who apparently bit through the power line. I hope it was worth it. The reason it is believed to be a squirrel who caused all the problems is that Manalapan police found a fried squirrel corpse. According to Popular Science, squirrels and other critters do much more damage to America’s power grid than cyber attacks do. According to the NSA, the number one threat experienced by the American power grid is squirrels.

Not to mention squirrels are everywhere. Squirrels have even infiltrated nuclear weapons sites by tunneling under fences therefore not triggering motion detectors. Take a look at the squirrels hanging around your house and try to figure which ones are really terrorists.

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