We were invited in by our friends in Bergen County on Monday night to a great location in Glen Rock.

Jumping right back into the chaotic schedule of traveling the state to spread our "common sense" message to residents across every county, day one started with a stop in Mercer, Ocean and Bergen counties.

Wilkin Santana, Anita Nakhimovich and Robert Schaefer were on hand as well as two outstanding candidates for the Bergen County Board of Commissioners, Agninshalah (Shalah) Collins and Mary Jo-Ann Guinchard.

We were also joined by one of the strongest GOP Senate candidates vying to flip the 38th district from blue to red, Micheline Attieh. 

The event was great and the crowd was enthusiastic about the rising prospects of a big Republican win in November.

The only downside is that I did not get to eat!

The food coming out to the capacity crowd looked and smelled delicious. Owner John Iachetti was back and forth between the kitchen and the front of the house and you can really see the passion he has for his business.

A Brick oven pie at Iachetti's (Photo via Iachettis.com)
A Brick oven pie at Iachetti's (Photo via Iachettis.com)

Jodi and I are looking forward to returning to enjoy a great meal.

The flatbreads coming out of the wood-fired oven looked spectacular. And it's BYOB, so you'll save some money, enjoy a great meal and take in the atmosphere of one of the best Italian restaurants in Bergen County.

Check out my full events schedule here and come and meet me on the trail!

New huge Italian Market coming to Monmouth County this week

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