Well, it was actually on the 7th, but congrats to our former NJ 101.5 and current Chasing News producer Tommy Farrell on his engagement!

His bride-to-be Sophie was clearly surprised, excited and happy when Tommy popped the question. Look for the full story on an upcoming #Speakingweddings Podcast! For now, congratulate the happy couple on taking a step that ensures they will head into the future strong and secure regardless of the obstacles they'll face in life.

With so many pundits and talking heads knocking marriage as "old-fashioned" and unnecessary, it's refreshing to see a young couple understand the strength derived from becoming one through the bond of marriage.

Tommy scored especially high marks from the Spadea women — with both my wife, Jodi, and daughter, Elizabeth, admiring how Tommy approached the 'big question' and of course, the ring.

From all of us here at New Jersey 101.5, congratulations Tommy and Sophie!

All photos by Louis C. Hochman of LCHPhoto.com (also digital managing editor to New Jersey 101.5). Follow him on Instagram at LCHPhoto.

Tommy Farrell and Sophie Lazicki

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