There’s an interesting story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about a landfill in New Jersey that uses, among other things, meatball grease to produce energy. The Landis Sewerage Authority, which serves Vineland, has a variety of unconventional sources of energy production. Dennis Palmer is the head of the plant, and he told the newspaper that he has agreements with five different companies that pick up restaurant grease; the companies are charged for dropping off the grease which is then used as fuel for a generator.

One of those grease producers is Casa di Betracha’s meatball plant in Vineland. Other odd sources of energy include pancake batter, soup mix and the leftovers from a fruit juice plant. The Authority also operates a farm that brings in about $100,000 a year; the farm is fertilized with the leftovers from human waste. The Sewerage Authority is unusual because it actually produces more energy than it consumes due to Palmer’s inventiveness. His goal is to recycle and/or reuse all the byproducts of treating human waste. It seems like he’s doing a remarkable job.

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