Having just driven to work in the snow, I realize some people (not you, of course, but some people) need a reminder or two about driving in a snowstorm.

1. Turn your lights on! I was tempted to put that one in all caps… I realize most people have automatic-on headlights, but I'm betting you can override that. It's hard enough to see in the snow without a ghost car appearing out of nowhere right next to you.

2. If you want to go faster than I'm going, fine, but go around me! This is assuming I'm in the right lane, which I usually am in the snow; if you're comfortable going 70 mph, go ahead, but I don't need you crawling up my butt, because I'm not going faster just to accommodate you. And if you're afraid to change lanes in the snow, maybe you shouldn't be trying to go 70.

3. This is going to seem hypocritical given my last reminder, but if you're only comfortable going 10 mph on I-95, maybe you should just stay home.

What would you like to add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.