BAYONNE — Marist High School will stay open for the next school year.

Facing an April 30 deadline, students, staff and parents of the Catholic school first opened in 1954 had raised $755,571 of the $1.5 million needed to remain open for the next three years, according to a statement on the Marist High School website.

"The Provincial Council recognizes the tremendous hard work and effort the school put forth in its recent Save Marist NJ campaign. While the campaign did not reach its goal of $1.5 Million, it did raise a significant amount which has secured the school to be open for the next academic year," read a statement from the school's owners and operators, the Marist Brothers of the United States.

The job isn't done yet for the group formed when bleak news was first delivered. However, the goal remains to move forward with "continued diligence in three critical areas: increasing student enrollment, increasing fundraising efforts, and continued collection of student tuition" needed to keep Marist a "viable option for education in Hudson County."

After receiving the bleak news about the school's future in March, the entire school rallied to raise the needed money to keep the school open with a dance-a-thon, car wash and a major effort to get donations from alumni.

Head of School Alice Miesnik said in a statement that the phone call she received from Brother Patrick McNamara of Marist Brothers, was "the best phone call I have ever received!"

“This is a special place, and the last month has shown that. Marist High School has emerged from this miracle month stronger than ever and based on the support from this campaign, I am confident that Marist will remain open for years to come," Miesnik said.

The Marist Brothers also founded Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York but no longer operate the school, although many Brothers serve on its Board.

Another North Jersey high school, Saint Anthony High School in Jersey City, will close its doors on June 30 due to declining enrollment and a lack of long term financial support. Saint Anthony is operated by the Archdiocese of Newark.

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