Marist High School in Bayonne is likely to close due to lake of funding. The sad part is that the school is incredibly effective. Not only do 100% of the graduating seniors get accepted into higher education but the school educates them for about half the cost of some public districts. This morning we'll be joined by a teacher and several students who want to do what they can to #SaveMaristNJ!

Two of Marist's students, Daniel and Joseph, joined us this morning and spoke about the high school that they love so much. We got a little history on the school, what makes the school so special and what the students, along with the faculty are doing to keep the school doors open.

Part 1: When have you ever seen students fight to keep a school open? The way these students are fighting for Marist, you can see just how much that school means to them. What makes Marist just so special? What will students like Daniel and Joseph take away from the school after they graduate? They provide us with some great explanations in the YouTube clip above.

Segment #2 - Daniel and Joseph give us an idea about what they've been doing to help raise money for the school. They also discuss what it will be like if they can't raise the money and the school would unfortunately have to close.

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