Among teens and 20-somethings it's being touted as a pure new hallucinogen, but health officials say there's nothing really new about the club drug Molly at all.

Flickr User Eric Greer

"There's all kinds of hype about the drug - that it's pure, and not that bad for you, but this is completely false - it's essentially Ecstasy," said Steve Liga, the executive director of the Middlesex County Chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

He stressed "it frequently causes you to do things you might otherwise not do, it is still a powder, that's white that you're buying from somebody that you don't know, and you have no idea what's in it."

Liga pointed out Molly is popular because it gives you energy.  You feel very excited and energized, so you can keep partying, and it makes you feel at ease with other people, "but the problem is that you've got a false sense of calm and security, you may be taking something that you don't know what it is, you've got the risk of bringing yourself into a heart attack or convulsions - and you can die from this."

Molly may contain a variety of other drugs, including cocaine and Oxicontin, so it can be extremely dangerous and partygoers will typically combine it with alcohol.