Someone crunched some recent census data to figure out where are the most miserable places to live in the United States. Based on poverty rates, crime, joblessness, etc., some of these are towns that you would expect.

Such as number 48 on the list. Compton, California. If you were aware in the '90s then you know Compton was notorious for gangs, drugs, and crime. So it’s no surprise. But the good news is it’s not as bad as it once was. In 1991 86 murders happened there. In 2014 there were seven.

But then places like Palmdale, California, made the list? It sounds like some oasis. Being in the middle of nowhere making people have an average 42-minute commute possibly led to 20% of the city living in poverty, it once being the foreclosure capital of the Golden State and landing it at 41st most miserable city in America.

All this to say I was shocked to see how many New Jersey towns were on this list. Turns out, according to this study, we have nine cities in New Jersey that are among the unhappiest in the United States.

9 of the nation’s most miserable cities are in New Jersey

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