In Jersey City near a construction site an 85 year old man flipped his SUV by driving up the back of a flatbed truck. According to, the truck was parked with the rear panel lowered to the ground like a ramp. The man attempted to drive around the truck and two wheels of his Ford Explorer went right up the ramp and flipped his entire vehicle. He was taken to Jersey City Medical Center where he was treated then released.

This happened on Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. I think it's not a bad idea to dedicate a week and try to get family members to talk to their aging relatives, to offer guidance in assessing whether you can no longer safely drive, etc. But what desperately needs to be done in New Jersey is not happening. Lawmakers have to find a spine and protect their elderly constituents with a re-testing law for people over 75. It's not ageism. It's common sense. I'm not suggesting a mandatory maximum driving age where all drivers would have to surrender their licenses at a certain point (even though we have a mandatory minimum driving age and no one screams discrimination about that). All I'm suggesting is making the roads safer for everyone by recognizing the fact that as we age our skills can diminish quickly. Begin a re-testing program with a road test every other year starting at age 75. Elderly drivers who claim they can drive as well as anyone will still be allowed to drive as long as they can prove it. Those who can't will be weeded out, and they will be better off for it.

Most states have done at least something about the problem of aging drivers. California requires drivers starting at age 70 to renew in person and take a written test and eye exam. Illinois requires drivers at age 75 to take a road test and an eye exam to renew a license. New Jersey? Absolutely nothing. Spineless politicians are afraid of upsetting the elderly voting bloc which historically gets out and votes at a higher rate than any other group. The politicians are more worried about their jobs than your safety.

As the Older Driver Safety Awareness Week comes to an end, we ask you to take a moment to answer our poll question below.

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