It’s almost impossible to count the amount of bars in the Garden State, but what about the bars/lounges that you don’t know about?

I’m talking about Speakeasies.


What is a "Speakeasy"?

A Speakeasy is historically rooted in the Prohibition era of the 1920s. They were an illicit establishment where alcoholic beverages were discreetly served during a time when their production and distribution were banned in the United States.


What does “Speakeasy" mean?

The term "Speak Easy" comes from the practice of speaking quietly or in a hushed manner to avoid drawing attention to these hidden places which were disguised as ordinary businesses or private clubs.

How did it work?

You needed a secret password or knowledge of the secret entrance to gain access. Inside, they typically featured dim lighting, jazz music, and an atmosphere of revelry.


Prohibition has long been repealed, but the concept of a Speakeasy persists now as a nod to this chapter in American history.

Speakeasies in New Jersey offer a nostalgia for the Roaring Twenties. These hidden gems provide an immersive experience.

And believe it or not, there are more Speakeasies throughout the state than you may have thought.

Here are 8 in the Garden State:

Murphy’s Tavern in Rumson

The Rabbit Hole in Bloomfield

Located inside Blue Steel Pizza Company

Thirty3 in Towaco

Located in Rails Steakhouse

Cowan’s Public in Nutley

The Laundromat in Morristown

Lucy’s Parlor in East Rutherford

Located inside The Roosevelt

3BR Distillery in Keyport

The Parlor at Hailey’s in Metuchen

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Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy

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