It was seven years ago on America's Got Talent when Julia Scotti told the world that she was a transgender woman. She was answering Howie Mandel who asked after her killer standup performance why did you start so late in life?

That night opened so many doors for Scotti and last week on New Jersey 101.5 she got to reconnect with Mandel who called into my show to promote his May 12 appearance at the Mayo Performing Arts Center. It was very touching watching Julia in the studio speaking to Howie who was on the phone.

Steve Trevelise and Julia Scotti in-studio at NJ 101.5 (Photo: Ryan Bussell, Townsquare Media)
Steve Trevelise and Julia Scotti in-studio at NJ 101.5 (Photo: Ryan Bussell, Townsquare Media)

"I love Julia. Julia is one of the funniest people in the world," said Mandel when I brought her up. Then when he found out she was in studio, the magic happened.

I was so so looking forward to this. Like we really haven't spoken since the show. But thank you, guys, for all you did for my career. You just revitalized my career," said Scotti.

"You were one of the highlights for me," said Mandel. "I've been doing AGT now this is my 13th year and Julia, first of all, I love comedy and stand-up comedy. I don't think people give it, at least on that show, the respect that it should get and you are certainly one of my most prevalent standouts in stand-up comedy."

"So incredibly funny, incredibly polished, you are a star, and then your openness about your life and your journey, which made you even, it's kind of the same thing as we were just talking about with mental health or whatever. I just think people have to be open and respectful of everybody and remove the stigma from you know, from life."

"Your show," says Scotti "It just opened up the world to me. I heard from people all over the world. And I can't ever thank you all enough for what you did for me."

"Oh, well, listen," said Mandel. "We can't thank you enough for coming on and doing what you did for us and doing for what you do for the world. I'm telling you more people are affected in a positive way just by showing up to one of your shows and learning and seeing you on AGT than it did for you."

Howie ended the conversation by saying to Julia "We gotta work together, you're a real treat. Let's figure it out".

For tickets to see Howie Mandel at the Mayo Performing Arts Center click here.

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