Mother's Day is Sunday. Personally I feel moms are owed a lifetime of gifts and brunches just for the 9 months of pregnancy hell they go through to even earn the title. Most mothers are heroes and saints. You want real life examples of unconditional love? Look to most any mother.

Some mothers though are a bit...different. A bit less saintlike. Then there are those who are downright infamous. This article isn't about June Cleaver. It's about New Jersey moms who will make you appreciate your mom even more than you already do.

Let's start light.

  • Teresa Giudice, star of The Real Houswives of New Jersey, on March 5, 2016 in Mount Pocono City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort)
    Teresa Giudice, star of The Real Houswives of New Jersey, on March 5, 2016 in Mount Pocono City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort)

    Teresa Giudice

    Born in Paterson, she went on to star in the reality series Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her four children had to cope with her going away to federal prison after being convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. At some point after she was released she got into bodybuilding. You put both of those together, that's a special mom indeed. Is there a special Mother's Day card for that?


  • Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for BuzzFeed
    Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for BuzzFeed


    Happy Birthday to Jersey Shore's infamous Snooki! Remember when she got punched in the nose arguing about shots at the bar with a bunch of guys? Remember that other time she was so drunk she peed on the dance floor at Karma? Not exactly a Hallmark card, but I'm sure her love for her three little meatballs is as strong as any mother's. Just keep those kids away from the reruns.


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    Martha Stewart

    Wait a minute, you say. How could Martha Stewart be on an infamous mothers list? Wouldn't this be the perfect mom to have who could do all of that baking and interior decorating of your home for free? Yes, but, there is that little matter of her being an ex-con. First accused of insider trading then found guilty of obstruction of justice she ended up serving about a half a year in federal prison at the minimum security Alderson, West Virginia facility. Just to add to the creepy factor, that's the same prison that was for awhile home to one of Charles Manson's followers, Squeaky Fromm. Then there's the weirdness of her unlikely friendship with Snoop Dogg. Don't get me wrong, I'd actually rather hang with Snoop than Martha, but if it's your mom that has to be a bit strange. Guess prison changes a girl.


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    Amy Grossberg

    Anybody remember this winner? She's the one who as a teenager along with boyfriend Brian Peterson gave birth to a baby in a hotel room and then claimed it was a stillbirth. But an autopsy revealed the baby was born alive and died from skull fractures and Shaken Baby Syndrome. The baby's body was found in a dumpster out back. They turned on each other, blamed each other. Ultimately he pleaded guilty to manslaughter but only served 20 months. She agreed to a plea bargain after seeing Peterson's statement against her and served 22 months. The thing I'll remember most about this horrible case is a Barbara Walters interview Amy did in which the background seemed carefully staged with stuffed animals in her bedroom in a clear attempt to psychologically sway viewers to see her as younger and more innocent than she was


  • Patricia Krentcil (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)
    Patricia Krentcil (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

    Patricia "Tan Mom" Krentcil

    Where to begin? New Jersey's notorious tan mom kind of got a raw deal. Her infamy started over a misunderstanding that she was sticking her kid in a tanning bed. But it was her own addiction to tanning that drew the mockery and fascination. Then the public drunken displays, the short-lived adult film career, the incomprehensible appearances on Howard Stern all really sealed the deal. Ultimately we should feel sorry for her, but her seeking the limelight while in the condition she was made that difficult.


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    Melissa "Prom Mom" Drexler

    I could pretty much just write 'see Amy Grossberg.' But there were differences here. There was no boyfriend to blame. This Lacey Township teenager was at her prom and no one knew she was pregnant. She hid it from everyone. She gave birth in a stall in the girls' room while at the prom. It is believed she cut the umbilical cord on a sharp piece of metal from a sanitary napkin dispenser then placed the baby in a bag and threw it in the trash. She went right back to partying on the dance floor, even managed to eat a salad. The dead baby was found, the rest was sad New Jersey history. She pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter and served only 3 years and one month in jail.


  • AP

    Michelle Lodzinski (Timothy Wiltsey's mother)

    I saved the worst for last. She's finally serving 30 years to life for the murder of her son. Timothy Wiltsey was a little 5-year-old boy when he went missing from a carnival in Sayreville. His mother Michelle Lodzinski changed her story multiple times about what happened that night and immediately drew suspicion, but nothing could be proven. His remains were found almost a year later very near to a place his mother had once worked and was very familiar with. It was all adding up but still not enough for an arrest. The arrest wouldn't happen until years later, on what would have been Timothy's 29th birthday. She was convicted of first degree murder and remains in prison. The single mother's bizarre life story included other deception, such as the time she faked her own kidnapping. The troubled, murderous mother is 53 years old and remains in prison.


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