Tuesday is primary elections in New Jersey. Results will determine who will run for certain state, county and local offices come fall. Even though we have an open primary here, meaning you can vote in a primary even if you are not registered with a party, many don’t go to the polls. The catch that turns a lot of folks off is by voting in a primary you then become registered with that party. Even though you can re-register as unaffiliated before the November election, most leave the primaries to the die-hard political insiders.

So if you choose to blow off Tuesday’s primary election, here are 5 things you can spend the day doing instead.

1) Complain about incumbents always getting in. Go to your local diner. Grouse to others. Be spittin’ mad. Ask rhetorically why these same damn people keep getting recycled back into office.

2) Gripe about property taxes being too high. This is a proud New Jersey tradition that never gets old. Gripe about paying the highest property taxes in the nation and wonder why politicians who won’t fix the problem are never voted out of office. Why won’t anyone challenge these lawmakers?

3) Balance your checkbook while wondering why the government can’t be more responsible with your tax dollars. Quietly muse on whether having someone who wasn’t a career politician challenge an incumbent would make a difference in your district.

4) Argue with friends about how the two party system is broken and how Democrats became progressive lunatics and Republicans became Trump fanboys. Then wonder what could have been done to take back those parties.

5) Think about the New Jersey of the near future with illegal immigrants being granted driver licenses, plastic bags being banned everywhere, school administration being top heavy and straining local budgets, pension systems failing and gas taxes ever increasing. And wonder why we can’t do anything about it.

So there you have it New Jersey. Why do we need a primary election when you can partake in all these activities?

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