It took me a while to realize it too but guess what? Father’s Day is just less than a week away.

It kind of snuck up on you didn’t it? And men are the hardest people to buy gifts for. You better be thinking what to buy your father or grandfather. Or your husband, if that’s how you roll.

While a sports jersey or a new toy for the grill or kitchen are my usual purchases, I decided to dig a little deeper for a gift this year. Here are some cool and unique gifts the dads in your life will actually want to use.

  • 1

    Full Page Illuminated Desktop Magnifier

    Ever since my dad started wearing glasses I have been thinking of ways to help him see without the need for his unattractive bifocals. This desktop magnifier will make things like crossword puzzles and looking at takeout menus easier, and it’s easy to bring along with you anywhere you go.

  • 2

    Ugg Slippers

    There is nothing more manly than a man in slippers. I wear my ugg slippers around the house 24/7 and I think every person needs a pair. They are like walking on a cloud and there’s no better feeling than furry slippers after a long day of work or being outside.

  • 3

    DNA Kit

    I just recently got an ancestry kit and I spent hours upon hours diving into my family tree. This is one of those things you aren’t really interested in until all of the information is in front of you, and let me tell you, ever since I got my results back I’ve been on the hunt for more family members around the world. Not to mention it’s also the perfect gift in the spirit of Father's Day.

  • 4

    Bartender Set

    Help your dad on his journey to become a good bartender and gift him with this bartender set. This one is particularly pricey, but there are cheaper ones that do the same job. The machine takes your choice of liquor and flavor and does all the drink making work for you. Not only does this make making drinks easier, but is a great purchase if you have guests often or have multiple people wanting the same drink.

  • 5

    Misto Oil Sprayer

    I hate when oil isn’t evenly spread on my food, and this oil spray eliminates that problem. The sprayer can be loaded up with your favorite oil and will coat whatever you are cooking evenly and generously. If your dad enjoys cooking with a light, not overwhelming, touch of oil on his food, get him this product.

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