I LOVE the 80's! Its more than just a slogan! We all have so many favorite songs from the "Decade Of Decadence."  Here are 5 songs that came to me at random, that you (probably) have forgotten...like totally!

"Junior" on an 80's compilation CD. (Craig Allen photo)

JUNIOR / "Mama Used To Say"

Junior is singer/songwriter Norman Washington Giscombe, who was one of the first British R&B artists to be successful in the U.S. in the 1980s. His debut single was a #7 hit in his native country, it was a #30 hit in the New Jersey in 1982. In later years, "Junior" wrote for other artists, including Sheena Easton.

Sheena & 007...Perfect Together! (Craig Allen photo)

SHEENA EASTON / "Modern Girl"

Scotland-born Sheena Easton rose to fame after being profiled on the BBC Show "The Big Time," which chronicled an unknown singer's rise to stardom! Call it an early reality show...it worked for Easton. She is remembered for solo songs like "Morning Train (Nine To Five)," "For Your Eyes Only," "Strut" and "We've Got Tonight" (a duet with Kenny Rogers).

But, do you remember "Modern Girl"?

It was the song the then-unknown Easton is shown recording on "The Big Time" in 1980. It was Sheena's first hit in England, and her second hit (#18/1981) in America.


JUMP 'N THE SADDLE / "The Curly Shuffle"

Talk about a "one-hit-wonder!"  This novelty song, a Three Stooges parody, went to #15 on the charts in early 1983. It started out as a regional hit for this Chicago-based country band...whose followup single in 1984 contained lyrics critical to their record company! Not surprisingly, they were dropped by the label. Jump 'N The Saddle continues to play live shows around the Chicago area.

strange vinyl
"Strange Dreams" on the turntable...1982 vinyl.  (Craig Allen photo)

MAHOGANY RUSH / "Strange Dreams"

This Canadian rock band was lead by guitarist Frank Marino.  At its peak in popularity, Mahogany Rush toured with the likes of Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and Heart.

I remember blasting "Strange Dreams" in the car back in the day...it got heavy play on the New York album rock stations! ROCK ON!

"He's A Liar" SIDE 1, CUT 2. (Craig Allen photo)

BEE GEES / "He's A Liar"

In 1978 and '79, you couldn't escape the Bee Gees. Then came the "Disco Backlash," and the Gibb brothers suffered more than any other band. They put out albums in the early 1980s, but no one cared.

During their dry spell, each of the brothers would write songs, and produce for others, most notably, Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand, with the "Guilty" album in 1980.

"He's A Liar" was the Bee Gee's first chart "hit" after backlash hit...the song could only struggle to #30 in 1981 (after a string of six #1 songs).

The Bee Gees would be redeemed...with the "comeback" song "One" in 1989.

But, that's a "Forgotten...like Totally" hit for another day...

R.I.P Maurice and Robin Gibb.

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