BLOOMFIELD — One minute, comic Toni Byrd was talking about menopause on stage. The next minute, she was ducking under a table as shots were fired.

Police said six people were shot inside the Sports in the City Lounge, located on the border of Bloomfield and Newark, on Friday night as Byrd performed.

"All praise due to God. I'm so grateful because a few bullets pass by me. I was able to get on the floor and make it in the back room," Byrd wrote on her Facebook page.

In a Facebook live video the day after the incident, Byrd compared her experience to the shooting of the character of Jamal in last season's finale of the Fox drama "Empire."

"I have to make laughs out of this," Byrd said, calling small venues like the Bloomfield bar "crazy."

Byrd wrote that friend Nicole KatSkates was at the show and helped tend to those who were injured:  "I found a new level of respect for her, She is the true definition of a lady with compassion for others! We are so grateful because it could have turn out a different way!"

"Next thing I know I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. But when I heard that first pop I wasn't really sure, but when I heard that second shot I knew to get down and get out of there," Byrd told ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Police said 30 shots were fired from three guns in the incident which remains under investigation.

The club has temporarily been closed due to several fire and health code violations.

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