There's nothing like flying a kite on a hot summer day. The sunshine and light breezes make this event a favorite for family and friends all over the country.

Here in New Jersey, we have the added benefit of beautiful beaches to fly those kites high in the sky. The Jersey Shore has long been a favorite destination for kite flying with many events to accommodate this favorite activity.

Luckily for us, we have two such events on the way. For 2022, Sky Festival Productions is returning to the Jersey Shore this summer with two huge events spanning multiple days.

But these aren't just the everyday kites you'd find at home. As puts it, this is "a full-blown kite festival on steroids."

So when are these two kite festivals happening? Let's take a peek at the first one on deck, happening just in time for the big New Jersey summer kickoff.

Jersey Shore Prepares For Memorial Day Weekend And Summer Season
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The 2022 Wildwoods International Kite Festival

Talk about perfect timing for the start of summer. The 36th annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival is happening Memorial Day weekend, May 27 to May 30.

According to, the festivities kick off "Friday with the official Unlocking of the Beach ceremony all the way through Monday with the World Indoor Kite Competition and Performance." A fantastic four days for everyone to enjoy.

But that's not the only kite event Sky Festival Productions is hosting this year at the Jersey Shore. Later in the summer, the festival makes a stop further north.

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The 2022 Brick Township Kite Festival

If you end up missing the Wildwoods festival, or if you'd like to come back for more, then the 2022 Brick Township Kite Festival has you covered. And, it's coming just in time for local summer.

The Brick Township Kite Festival is happening on September 17 at Brick Beach III, with a rain date set for September 18. And since September tends to be quieter at the Shore, this one's perfect for locals up and down the coast to come out and enjoy.

According to, "festivities include a dazzling display of giant inflatable kites visible for miles; an array of vertical wind feathers and ground displays; kids and adults Running of the Bols competition; super-sized giant bubbles, kite sales, and a separate public flying field for all!" A perfect way to wind down the summer season.

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Fly those kites high

Two fantastic kite festivals bookending the summer season for New Jersey. The 36th annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival from May 27 to May 30, and the Brick Township Kite Festival on September 17.

And just to note, international kite day is February 8. Can you imagine flying kites in the dead of winter? Not sure who picked that day for such an activity, but it's a good thing both of these festivals aren't happening at a time when snowflakes are flying.

Click here to learn more about the kite festivals in both Wildwood and Brick, including specific times and locations of scheduled activities.

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