If you have been suffering from allergies in New Jersey, there is bad news and bad news about the severity and length of this allergy season.

And a lot of what allergy and asthma sufferers ill deal with can be pinned on the darker side of that mild winter we have been telling you so much about. Since mother nature was given the opportunity to put the state into an early...some would say premature...bloom.

Robert Wood Johnson asthma and allergy researcher Doctor Leonard Bielory says because of the warm winter and an early start to the tree pollen season, this year's overall allergy season is likely to be long, and tough for those who are struggling to feel better. He says, "right now, people who have no allergies may start developing allergies because of the intensity and the duration of the overall allergy season this year.

In addition, Bielory says mold spores from rotting grass and leaves also got an early jump this year, so that part of the allergy season will likely be extended for mold allergy sufferers.

Every year, there are three stages to the pollen season for allergy sufferers. It begins with the tree pollen season, which s where we are now. That is followed by grass pollen in the summer and finally ragweed. Bielory says there can even be a second ragweed season in the fall at times.