🚨 Two young men and a teenager have been arrested in connection to an armed carjacking

🚨 They pointed 2 guns at the victim as they stole his jewelry, cash, and car, officials say

🚨 A fourth suspect remains unidentified

GARFIELD — One suspect remains on the loose after authorities arrested three people, including a teenager, this week in connection to a North Jersey carjacking three months ago.

Christopher Gonzalez, 20, and Raekwon Norwood, 20, both of Paterson and a 17-year-old male teen were arrested Monday, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office. They each face eight charges in connection to the armed carjacking.

Officials said the victim was a Garfield man sitting in his car outside his home on Botany Street around 8 p.m. on Sunday, May 4. Garfield is located just a few miles away from Paterson.

Suddenly, four men went up to his Lexus sedan. Two of them had handguns and pointed their weapons at the victim, Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella said.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Officials said they told him to give up his jewelry, any cash on him, and his Lexus. The victim got out of the car and ran.

The armed group then got into the sedan and drove away, Musella said.

An investigation led to Gonzalez, Norwood, and the juvenile suspect. Authorities said detectives searched their homes on Monday and found two handguns.

Gonzalez and Norwood face the same charges. They were both charged with first-degree carjacking, first-degree armed robbery, second-degree conspiracy to commit carjacking, two second-degree firearms offenses, third-degree aggravated assault, and two fourth-degree firearms offenses.


The teenager was charged as a juvenile with similar offenses including first-degree carjacking, first-degree armed robbery, second-degree conspiracy to commit carjacking, two second-degree weapons offenses, third-degree aggravated assault, third-degree theft, and a fourth-degree firearms offense.

Gonzalez and Norwood are being held at Bergen County jail. The teenage suspect is being held at a juvenile detention facility pending a hearing in family court.

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