If you're from Texas, you probably know the starting quarterback for the Cowboys and the Houston Texans, and can name at least three great barbecue places.

A Wisconsin resident probably knows someone in the cheese business, and a Floridian would know where the best beaches are. They'd probably also know someone in jail, but I digress. If you're ever bored, just google "a Florida man..." Yeah, you'll see.

Well, here in our little state there are certain sure-fire signs you are from or have lived in New Jersey a long time. Stuff that would make people from other states cock their heads to the side and wonder what the hell we're talking about.

  • 1

    You know a "back way" to get to the shore.

  • 2

    You can name at least five pizza places in your town.

  • 3

    You know someone or someone who knows someone who is "mobbed up."

  • 4

    You or someone you know thinks the Jersey Devil is real.

  • 5

    You know what a jug handle is and can explain why we need them while constantly complaining about them.

  • 6

    You know someone who knows Bruce, Bon Jovi, Bruce Willis, Kevin Smith, or Donald Trump.

  • 7

    You've only been to a national chain pizza place for a kid's party.

  • 8

    You can recommend a good ice cream place on at least two boardwalks.

  • 9

    You marked some life milestone, i.e. turning 21, bachelorette party, by celebrating in AC.

  • 10

    You "gotta guy" when you or someone you know has a problem.

  • 11

    You know exactly what you like on your sub or hoagie, no deviations or hesitation.

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