There are nearly a dozen specific things that are banned from the Seaside Heights beaches. Here they are in convenient list form:

  • 1

    No Alcohol or Drugs

    Sure, it's nice to relax on the beach with a frosty adult beverage, but you'll have to keep your imbibing to one of the many bars and restaurants on the boardwalk.

    It's not like there aren't ample choices only steps away from the sand.

  • 2

    No Camping

    There's actually room for flexibility on this one, at least on days that the township has scheduled ahead of time.

    You can click here to check out the dates for camping on the beach in Seaside Heights. But popping a tent outside of these days will get you the wrong kind of attention.

  • 3

    No Pets

    I love my dog and I love to take him along with me as much as I can. But one place that we have to leave our pets behind is the beach.

    And don't even think about leaving them in the car in the middle of summer and saying that you didn't know that they weren't allowed on the beach!

  • 4

    No Fires

  • 5

    No Glass or Sharp Objects

    This is one that many people might not think of off the top of their head, but think about it — the sand is a perfect place for broken glass and other sharp objects to hide, just waiting for bare feet to come along.

  • 6

    No Drones

  • 7

    No Littering

    Remember earlier how we talked about common sense? Well this is one that falls into the category of "Why can common sense be so uncommon sometimes?"

    If you bring it in, bring it out!

  • 8

    Don't Feed The Seagulls

  • 9

    No Smoking

    There's nothing quite like enjoying a day on the beach and breathing in the fresh ocean air.

    Taking in a deep breath and expecting fresh ocean air but instead getting a lungful of someone else's secondhand smoke? Not cool.

  • 10

    No Ball Playing

    I'll be honest, I didn't know that ball playing isn't allowed on the Seaside Heights beach.

    Did you know? If not, well, that's why we're making this list!

  • 11

    No Boom Boxes Or Amplified Audio

    This falls into a similar category as smoking. A lot of us go to the beach to enjoy the serenity and the sound of the ocean.

    Hearing someone's loud music is just about the exact opposite of enjoying the serenity of the ocean!

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