Well it turns out that not that many people are happy with the nickname the Garden State for New Jersey.

It's not surprising because there are so many people who live closely packed in the state that there are probably a lot of lush and fertile landscapes that are completely overlooked. Yet, I believe it’s a perfect nickname because we have so many fruits and vegetables to offer our state and the rest of the country.

Between cranberries and eggplant, and blueberries and our amazingly iconic Jersey tomatoes, how can we be anything other than the Garden State? But there’s a lot of negativity here, too. Some people don’t realize how much the state has to offer.

So we decided to pose the question to our listeners. If you were going to change the Garden State‘s nickname, what do you think would be more appropriate? We are almost regretting that we asked. Because the snarkiness and sarcasm abounded in many of the suggestions we got.

  • 1

    The Exit State

    There’s a double entendre here. First of all this is how people identify where they live, as in Garden State Parkway exits. Secondly, everybody’s trying to get out. Hence, the Exit State.

  • 2

    The Diner State

    Do I really need to explain this?

  • 3

    The Mandate State

    Pound for pound I guarantee we have more mandates than any other state in the country.

  • 4

    The People State

    The most densely populated state in the country could easily be called the people state. Everywhere you go that’s what you’ll find, amirite?

  • 5

    The Roadkill State

    All you gotta do is drive up and down the highway during mating season and you’ll see what they mean.

  • 6

    The Pizza State

    I mean, New Jersey’s is the best, after all.

  • 7

    The “I Got a Guy State”

    You don’t have to run to Google to find anybody to do anything. Just ask a friend. Because in New Jersey, no matter what the task, everybody’s “got a guy."

  • 8

    The “Don’t Worry About It” State

    Yeah, we’ve got our share of shady people in New Jersey, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Ask too many probing questions and eventually you will hear this answer: “Don’t worry about it.” AKA: butt out.

  • 9

    The Diversity State

    I believe we probably have more races, nationalities, ethnicities, and alternative lifestyles packed into the state than in just about any other state in the country.

  • 10

    The Shore State

    120 miles of magnificent shoreline. Need I say more?


  • 11

    The State of Disbelief

    If you live here, you know.

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