Now that recreational marijuana is legal in New Jersey, what better place to have the munchies than right here in the Garden State!

No matter what you crave when your cravings kick in, we can help you. If it's breakfast at a late-night diner or the best pizza in the world, New Jersey has got you covered. I'm even imagining pizzerias with shakers of weed to go along with the oregano, grated cheese, and hot peppers. I know they can't do it, but I can still imagine it.

Here's hoping Gov. Murphy opens the restaurants to bigger crowds so that they can sell more of what you crave. Sorry, I didn't mean to bring your buzz down by mentioning Gov. Murphy. Better yet, here are some of the best places to go and things to eat when high in New Jersey as taken from my social media following:

Judi Yaccarino: Taco Bell
Trev: Ah the classics!

Pat McCloskey: White Castle
Trev: You, Harold and Kumar.

Gary Cavico: Mike’s Sub #2 no onions
Trev: I'll have what your having Gary. With onions

Melynda B. Ulrich: Back in the we would go to Kramer's Bagels at 3 a.m. before they started their deliveries

Chris Baselice: 7/11 Taquitos
Trev: Just don't ask how they are made ;)

Cindy Zwicker: Fried chicken and ribs from Chicken Town Toms River! The best and Eddie the owner is a great guy
Trev: Yes he is. That would be Jersey rocker Eddie Testa.

Matte Kane: White House Hoagie
Trev: The pride of Atlantic City

Robert Pisani: Peanut butter, jelly, sauerkraut and liverwurst sandwich in ezekiel bread.
Trev: Hopefully not all together!

John Kensil: Donkeys cheesesteak

Kurt Smith: Gaetano’s cheesesteaks...which is why I probably shouldn’t indulge anymore.

Scott Randolph: Gee, if there was only a Wawa near by to get a snack.
Trev: There's ALWAYS a WAWA nearby no matter where you are in New Jersey.

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