New Jersey will soon be getting it's own "Sticky's The Finger Joint". The famous Manhattan chicken finger restaurant will be opening it's Paramus location at the Outlets at Bergen Town Center, with a second spot planned for Bridgewater. I love the concept because I hate dealing with bones.

More and more out of state food franchises are taking their shot in the Garden State. It's not easy for a restaurant to make it here because, unlike most places, New Jersey has a terrific selection of places to eat. Many of our diners alone can put some of these places to shame.

Nevertheless, I asked my social media followers what out of state food places they'd like to see open in New Jersey. Many came out and said, "In And Out Burger." Unfortunately, they plan to stay focused on the west coast. Here are some of the others you've come up with. We also had a lot of Waffle Houses starting with...

John Kensil - Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles from LA, "They're already in New York so it probably won't be long."

Veronica Hearney - Pizza Inn, "With all the great pizza places in New Jersey, anyone who comes here will face the greatest challenge."

Carlo Bellario - Jack In The Box

Chris Orion - Bojangles

Mario Gentile - Fat Burger, "one of the best burgers I ever had. There was one at The Borgata food court in Atlantic City but no more. It might be coming back to Jersey at the Short Hills Mall...And In-And-Out-Burger I heard is the best."

The name alone would do it for me!

Allan Emenheiser - Zaxbys

Janice Wilson - Wattaburgers

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