In the wake of Governor Murphy signing 152 bills and resolutions into law, we looked at some of the stranger ones still on the books. Up until last Thursday it was illegal to buy liquor with a credit card in the town of Bridgewater. The town council recently changed that and members were unaware that it was ever enforced.

According to the website, onlyinyourstate, here are some of the weird laws that are still on the books in New Jersey.

  1. In Manville it's illegal to offer alcohol or tobacco to zoo animals
  2. In New Jersey it's illegal to commit murder while wearing a bullet proof vest.
  3. In Newark it's illegal to purchase ice cream after 6 pm without a doctors note.
  4. In New Jersey it's illegal to frown at a cop.
  5. If convicted of DUI, you're no longer allowed to have custom license plates.
  6. In Haddon Twp. it's illegal to annoy someone of the opposite sex.
  7. In New Jersey it's illegal to slurp your soup in public.
  8. In Trenton it's illegal to eat pickles on Sunday.
  9. In New Jersey it's illegal for birds to poop on statues.
  10. In New Jersey it's illegal for a man to knit during fishing season.

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