Call it a tip or call it a bribe, we are all used to giving a little extra money “To Insure Prompt Service” as the original acronym implied.

Now that Frontier Airlines is testing a new program where passengers can actually tip their flight attendants, I started thinking about other people it might be wise to tip. If a plane is about to crash, don’t you want to be the one who gave the person in charge of your safety a couple extra bucks? By the same token, if you tip your kid's soccer coach don’t you think he might see more time on the field? Here are 10 people you never thought of tipping.

  1. Lady at the laundromat - The people who wash your clothes deserve a tip because if they're not actually washing clothes for you, they're at least making sure that no one steals your socks and underwear. Maybe even fighting the urge to do it themselves.
  2. Phone store guys - Retail clerks at cell phone stores know more than you do. That’s why it pays to be extra nice to them with a tip/bribe because you have to just trust them to know that what they’re signing you up for is actually the cheapest plan. Remember- we don’t understand anything about how cell phone companies and their contracts you just have to trust the guy with acne and a name tag.
  3. Retail sales associate - Not only does this lady (or man) bring your sizes to the dressing room, but they continually tell you how wonderful you look in things—and who couldn’t use that ego boost? Plus, throw in extra few bucks and they’re probably willing to overlook the six items per dressing room rule!
  4. Lifeguard - Besides for the obvious reasons you might want to bribe a lifeguard (i.e. there are two kids drowning at once- your kid gets rescued first) how about considering that maybe he’ll let you slide if you don’t have your beach tag visible.
  5. Dentist - You’re about to have your head invaded with a drill. Do I need to elaborate?
  6. Urologist - See above.
  7. Grocery store cashier - I mean, they can scan more quickly , not comment on each one of your purchases, give you the discount even if the coupon is expired, and help you bag instead of watching you bag. Well worth the tip
  8. Gas station attendant - It’s amazing to me that people in New Jersey actually tip these guys already. I always thought it was a little silly… They’re doing their job after all. But then somebody reminded me that they are outside in sometimes unbearable weather conditions and that sometimes your extra buck makes them remember you the next time and come to you first.
  9. Teacher - If You’ve got an annoying kid, a teacher tip is a must! a teacher whose palm you have greased can either look the other way or have you called into the principals office every other day.
  10. Clergyman - The best pew in church, the shortest sermon when you attend, the most meaningful eulogy after you’re gone. ‘Nuff said.

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