Everyone knows that there are no bargains when it comes to New Jersey rent bills. We have some of the highest in the country. It’s probably no surprise that the further north you go, the higher it tends to get. If you wanna experience one of the lowest rents in the country you’ll have to move to the very thrifty zip code 67213 (Wichita, Kansas). At $423 a month, that’s what some of us in Jersey pay just for our lattes. On the other hand, at least we’re not 10282 (Battery Park City and Tribeca in Manhattan) literally the high rent district at $6,211 a month.

Every year, rentcafé.com puts together a list of the most expensive zip codes for rental properties in the country. And New Jersey always figures prominently. So there are very few surprises here. But if you happen to be in flux, deciding where you should hang your hat in an apartment or rental house here in NJ, check out the list to find out where you can (or, more likely, cannot) afford to live.

In 2019, the study listed Hoboken 07030 once again as the leader of the high-rent pack with an average rent of 3531 per month. Take note, these are listed not by towns, but by ZIP Codes which means (as in the case of Jersey City) that one town can contain two or more high rent zip codes on the list.

Here are the top ten:

  • Hoboken 07030, $3,531/ month
  • Jersey City 07310, $3,297/ month
  • Jersey City 07302, $3,291/ month
  • Edgewater 07020, $3,219/ month
  • Weehawkin 07086, $3,005/ month
  • Cranford 07016, $2,956/ month
  • Fort Lee 07024, $2,595/ month
  • Florham Park 07932, $2,533/ month
  • Seacaucus 07094, $2,507/ month
  • South Orange 07079, $2,477/ month

Pretty daunting, isn’t it? And it’s not even like other zip codes in the state could really be considered that “affordable” by most Americans’ definition. So, if you were thinking of striking out on your own and making the big move to your own place, I suggest you look a little further south in New Jersey where your dollar goes much further. If even that’s unaffordable to you.... well, you always have Wichita.

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