There’s nothing as beautiful or coveted as a Frank Loyd Wright home. The architect was famous for the most iconic mid century homes in the country. There’s one in New Jersey that is so different and so beautiful, you just have to take a look inside.

One of only three Frank Lloyd Wright homes left in New Jersey, this Glen Ridge three-bedroom, two-bath home, featuring a unique hexagonal floor plan, was purchased by its current owner in 2019.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated the home is currently for sale.

The home is called The Stuart Richardson House, and was Built in 1951 and named for a prominent actuary named Stuart Richardson and his wife. For a dream home, it isn’t that big — just 1,800 square feet and sitting on half an acre.

What’s so cool about the home though is that the whole design is based on hexagons. Everything from the floor tiles to the shape of the shower is hexagonal, even the pool. The rooms in the home are formed by 60 and 120-degree angles, without right angles. The home also boasts a new roof, a new heating system, a hexagonal walk-in shower in the master bathroom, a sky-lit kitchen with a wood-paneled refrigerator, and an electric oven.

Wright, a music lover, also designed a pattern throughout the home that looks like musical notation and even went so far as to nickname the home “Scherzo,” the musical term for a light and playful composition. Add in floor-to-ceiling windows, triangular recessed lighting, and a cantilevered entryway, as well as original built-in desks, dressers, tables, cabinets, and a triangular fireplace, and you’ve got a home that is just as unique and beautiful as a Frank Loyd Wright home always is.

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You’ve never seen anything like this unique hexagon dream home

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