For the third year in a row, New Jersey leads the nation in the percentage of outbound moves, according to the 44th annual Van Lines Migration survey for the third straight year.

The reasons have been building for decades: high taxes, onerous regulations, major job creators moving elsewhere with a lack of good paying jobs and stagnant growth opportunities.

But with the arrival of a governor who promised higher taxes and pushes for policies and programs that reward the connected or the "needy," the middle class bears the brunt of the burden.

Many families just can't do it anymore and don't see a future here where things will get better.

In his newest commercial, he touts a "new New Jersey...stronger than ever, fairer than ever," which means exactly the opposite for hard-working, middle class, private sector residents. The 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy group New Direction, which is basically his PR arm, promises a bright future for the state.

People in New Jersey are not stupid. They see the writing on the wall. Unless you're in the bureaucracy of the public sector or part of the crowd that feeds off of it, you're screwed. You're spinning your wheels paying for a giant state government that has been building and growing non-stop for decades. Murphy is just doubling down on it, and residents who can, see it as a clear signal to get out while they can. T

o some people it's almost masochistic to stay, despite family ties and generations of life in a state we all love. He is like the leader of the locusts who are stripping the vegetation of opportunity bare. The rest of the locusts, the NJ Legislature, happily feeding off the remaining victims who choose to remain and try to tough it out.

It's no coincidence that we lead all states in outward migration for the THIRD straight year. What else have we had for the past three years? Correct, Phil Murphy. The math is simple. The story, easy to follow. The result is awfully sad.

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’ own.

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