Everybody’s looking at dollar signs when it comes to the eventual legalization of marijuana. I’ve heard so many people say they want to get into the business somehow.

Stockton University is even offering a new curriculum with a minor in marijuana business study. But here’s the thing: Nobody really knows how to begin because the laws don’t even exist yet. It’s all a matter of sifting through the legalease that makes up some of these bills and trying to decipher fact from rumor.

If you are trying to apply for a license, you are actually applying to a government agency that, until these bills are passed, does not yet exist. The bills that are under consideration talk about a very broad licensing structure and most of the minutia has not yet been nailed down.

Yes, there are people who have gotten the license to open dispensaries, but it’s complicated and almost the luck of the draw. Details are sketchy and until bills are out of committee, it’s gonna be a long hard road.

What’s worse is that everything could change as soon as it hits the floor for a vote. That’s not even considering the fact that to obtain the license you’ll probably have to get your hands on at least $1 million. They are going to be so many changes legislative and procedural in this business it’s probably worth it to wait a little while.

It’s like not jumping on the first new iPhone that comes out, but instead waiting until they work out the glitches. So as much as you want to get in on the ground floor, remember— this is one business where just starting it might be even more challenging than actually running it.

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