Jim Gearhart, in his 80s, has the strength and stamina of a much younger man -- so much so, that he bounced back from a serious fall down his stairs and traumatic brain injury just a few years ago. 

And as Jim notes many of those being ravaged by the novel coronavirus have underlying conditions and complications, he has a plea: Take care of yourself.

That's a key part of his message in the latest edition of the weekly Jim Gearhart Show podcast and Facebook Live show.

"They can spend all the money they want. They can come up with all the drugs in the world. But the defense you have is the defense you have anyway," Jim says.

He's hopeful doctors continue developing new treatments and a vaccine -- that we, collectively get this outbreak under control. But in the meantime, he had advice that's good for any time, whether there's a pandemic threatning us or not:

"Get into habbits and paterns of eating fresh, whole foods when possible," Jim says. "And try to avoid things that will compromise your immune system"

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That's just part of what Jim and Bob Williams take on in the latest installment of his show, also available as a podcast. Check out the full episode to hear the rest.

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