They say the art of wedding crashing, VIP backstage crashing, etc., is look like you belong. Convince yourself there's nothing wrong with what you're doing. Believe you belong there. If you believe it, everyone else will believe it.

But does that theory work in a museum of valuable art if you want to steal it in front of a bunch of people? Take it right off a wall and just casually walk off with it? What would onlookers do?

Turns out absolutely nothing. Check out the CNN video above of a guy so smooth he just walks up to a painting valued at $1 million, takes it off the wall like he owns the place, and simply walks off with it. No one stopped him. He was so cavalier that people just assumed he must work there. No one said or did a thing. There's a lesson in this.

Did he get away with it? For awhile. Authorities caught up with him later and recovered the piece.

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