I didn't think a public service announcement was necessary here, but as it turns out more people than I thought actually keep their tomatoes in the refrigerator.


What a crime to take a perfect food that can be eaten raw (with a little sea salt) or cooked to make the perfect pasta sauce and take away all the flavor by putting it in the fridge.

Please stop.

A tomato is a counter vegetable. Meaning it belongs on the counter in a bowl. NEVER in the fridge. MAYBE after you slice it, if you haven't eaten all of it, MAYBE then put the leftover in the fridge.

Hmm, actually don't do that. Although I hate wasting food and am a member of the clean plate club, it's honestly better to eat what you can and discard the rest.

Tomatoes never want to be cold. The best tomato is right off the vine. Either at your favorite road side stand or from your own garden. Warm, juicy and delicious. I may only be officially 17% Italian, but I'm 100% sure that there should be a fine for putting tomatoes in the fridge.

Yes, Jill Myra, even the little ones.

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