Remember the recent 'polar vortex'? Get ready for the 'pollen vortex'. That's actually what they're calling it, as conditions are right according to those in the know to make this spring the worst allergy season on record.50 million of us will be affected according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunity. I wonder what their frat parties are like?

Here are 5 MISTAKES allergy experts say you may be making and actually causing your allergies to be worse than they need to be.

  1. Getting a late start. They say many people wait until they're showing allergy symptoms to start taking meds, but if you know you get the symptoms every year, in response to pollen for example, start taking the meds ahead of time.
  2. Letting outside air in. This seems like a no-brainer but many people feel it will be good to 'air out' their office or home by letting in outside air. It only makes it worse as plant pollen will make its way inside and attach itself to your surroundings.
  3. Exercising outdoors in the morning. Walking, jogging, anything outside needs to be done in the afternoon or evening when pollen counts are lower. Usually pollen counts are higher in the morning and should be avoided.
  4. Forgetting to take an evening shower. Once you're in for the night, grab a shower even if you've already showered that day. It washes the pollen off and can really help.
  5. Self-diagnosing your allergy triggers. For those with moderate or especially severe allergies, do not rely on self-diagnosing and over the counter meds to take care of them. Go to a board-certified allergist. Many people assume the wrong allergy thus screw up their self-treatment. For example many people assume because of timing that they're allergic to pollen when it's actually mold. See a doctor.

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