If you lived in Asbury Park, you lived in a place like no other. You had diversity which was not always friendly depending when you lived there. You had the beach, the boardwalk, rides, and some of the greatest attractions and of course, you also had the music.

You cannot talk about music in New Jersey without including the Asbury Park music scene. From the "Orchid Lounge" on the west side, where some of the greatest African American acts played, to the east side where in the 60's shows like "Hermans Hermits," "The Who," "The Stones," and "The Doors" all played Convention Hall. You can help support the youth arts in Asbury by donating here.

Maybe you were part of those who cut their teeth at the Upstage Club, where there was no booze, just great music after hours. Maybe you remember the riot on July 4, 1970 that the town spent countless years trying to come back from.

Perhaps you're more recent and are enjoying the new Asbury Park with all its diversity, fine dining and of course "The Stone Pony." Wherever and whenever you lived in Asbury Park you've got to see a new feature film documentary by Tom Jones called "Asbury Park: Riot Redemption Rock 'n' Roll" which tells the story of the town that turned out Bruce Springsteen and so many others. It's narrated by Big Joe Henry and among those telling the story are Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez, David Sancious, and Steven Van Zandt.

There are so many things you've seen and been through if you've lived in Asbury Park that can only be truly understood by those who've been there and done that. So with that in mind I began the phrase on my social media, "You know you're from Asbury Park if..."

You know you're from Asbury Park when...

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